Bye J, bye K, bye Mum

As I walked out a house yesterday, I just felt the need to say out loud “Bye J, bye K, bye Mum”, as if they were there to hear me.  💬  Maybe, who knows, but I’m more inclined to think maybe not.  Yet I heard it and felt again the love. ❤️  Samhain / Halloween is over, half the sweets are still here (I didn’t want to run out) and I need to take the decorations down.  Each of those who I bid a “bye” to, had been ill in their different ways.  I wonder about the doctor and patient scenario.  How often it doesn’t work and grateful for when it does.  Only it’s not such a mutual exchange is it, as two people sit down, one labelled and the other willing to be judged for a miracle cure.  Does it come or not, then does it work or sometimes sadly not.  Just two people sat down as patient and doctor, sometimes neither believing, sometimes just one, sometimes both when the other is not up to it, and still the planet moves, the trees give out there beauty with or without being watched, the creatures forage…  It might only be myself and a bewildered cat who heard someone say out loud “Bye J, bye K, bye Mum” ❤️ who knows?

animal animal photography blur cat
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