Carrot as bacon

This morning I’m having lovely sizzling hot smoky carrot slices in a sandwich with tomato ketchup.  I regularly cook carrot 🥕 as bacon and for those who like a smoky bacon flavour 🥓 here’s one compassionate, meat free, economical answer:

Rough recipe:  You just peel and slice a nice big carrot into thinish strips.  Place on a plate and sprinkle with smoked paprika, a little salt and some sugar.  Leaving them for just a while until they go a bit floppy.  I make sure there’s some of the flavour on both sides, then cook in a shallow frying pan with a little oil until they go to a desired sizzle.  They can be cooked until a bit crispy, but not sure it’s necessary.  In any rate, you can place them in a bun with tomato and lettuce or on a warmed plate with hash browns or… just try carrot as bacon in anyway you like, with a “nom nom nom and there they were gone!” 😋

close up photography of orange carrots
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on


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