No more Free Hugs

I’ve taken part in [Free Hugs] in the past in the town, which gave me and others great joy, but it seems those days are over for me and perhaps for others too? 💕  I’ve started to withdraw from being so publicly open, not even to shake hands, but do love to briefly cwtch friends I know on greeting.  Thing is, to be kind must also include ourselves and we’re not here to be taken advantage of.  I don’t mean to be nasty, but some people 🤔 are [and here I have omitted some choice words] and opportunistically wish to harm others (physically or mentally).  I had an encounter with one and I’m attempting to not allow it to sadden me, but being pragmatic about it I now intend only to cwtch those I’ve discerned  1)  Also wish to hug.  2)  Aren’t harmful [and again here I have omitted some choice words].

Bless you if you are in the first category and not a number two! 💩💩

crowd on the road
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