Being truthful

Yup, there’s people I do not like.¬† Some people [AT POINTS IN TIME]¬†I’ve actually felt unashamed, absolute to the¬†max,¬†total FFS hate towards.

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That’s part of being human¬†to have genuine feelings. ¬†Oh of course I’ve not acted on them feelings and done something stupid¬†to the detriment of those people, not that I can remember (always good to put that in¬†for a get-out clause,¬†for good measure and looks like I’m all innocent for which I am).¬† See, for¬†those shit people that piss¬†me and you¬†off,¬†they are just as much part of the whole (please note I typed whole and not a~hole, although…) and we are all in this together!¬†right?

So what if¬†I¬†can’t see their value ¬†[AT A POINT IN TIME]¬†and think¬†they actually haven’t any.¬† What if I might not see the plus side of what part they play in this wholeness, for they might be totally pissing me off¬†or even¬†making me¬†wanna lose it¬†with their cruelty and ignorance and question whether they really are part in this big picture.¬†¬† So I hate some ¬†[AT POINTS IN TIME]¬†and that¬†makes me human, makes me¬†have questionable feelings.¬†¬†Yet, I do believe those that do¬†NOT have these deep feelings, might actually be more inclined to¬†do the most vile cruelty, own the worst indifference and¬†act out on their heinous selfish desires (usually against those that can’t defend themselves) without remorse.

I believe anger and hate is necessary, as is the¬†needs of¬†peace and kindness to balance it and keep it in check.¬† We have to¬†balance shit out all the time to help the world stay on track.¬† So, more helpings of peace and kindness please, for there’s a lot of anger and hate around these days and I for one, do NOT want it to be me to tip the¬†balance in the wrong direction!

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