Prodigal Parents

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I do NOT follow the bible and¬†do not claim to be religious…¬† However, I can see there’s¬†a few¬†things to glean from some¬†Jesus quotes.¬† For instance, can no one else see there’s a parental angle to the Prodigal parable?¬† Isn’t there a message for¬†adults in charge to take responsibility, for us all to be more compassionate and last but way not the least to: Turn up and share in other peoples¬†joy.

For this¬†story directly follows on from:¬†Luke 14 that gives the advice that if you’re invited, attend (1).¬† That even on your time off, be¬†kind and helpful¬†to others (4) and compassionate to animals (5).¬† To not¬†be a dick when invited to parties (8) to share nicely¬†(13) again if you’re invited,¬†attend (23).¬† To use¬†only what you have (29) invite peace¬†(31) and¬†let go of¬†stuff (32).¬† The first part of Luke 15 is all about being¬†responsible for animals in our care¬†(4) and about the importance to share joy when¬†someone finds what’s lost¬†(6).¬† If something is important, keep looking (8) and share that lost/found joy¬†(9).¬† When it comes to the prodigal story, it’s¬†about¬†one parent that does something totally irresponsible and¬†gives into a kid’s request¬†straight away¬†(12) so that the kid then suffers (16)¬†yet comes home safe (20) and the parent being so grateful that the kids experience didn’t go tits up (24) wants to share the¬†lost/found joy (23) and this time the parent¬†takes on their responsibility and goes out of his way to try to explain¬†to the sibling,¬†thus¬†helping his other son to be more understanding and able to¬†join in the¬†lost/found celebrations. (31)

Anyways, I agree¬†with these Jesus messages as I see them.¬† For it’s all good¬†to be “Woohoo!” when an animal’s life is saved; and¬†to¬†“Yay!” when someone finds the money they needed; and being a parent I can sympathise with the prodigal story and would want to join in the celebration and bring gifts for the kid to start over.¬† I mean though, who gets parenting right all the time?¬† I can totally empathize the feelings of joy¬†when an¬†offspring visits, especially if they’ve been away awhile,¬†are bedraggled when they arrive¬†and¬†come in hungry!¬† We can only¬†imagine how it must feel for a parent or guardian, that had enabled an immature¬†person¬†with money they didn’t know how to handle,¬†then suffers a belly full of worry or worse!¬† I think it must be¬†some of the heaviest things ever, to find out the hard way¬†that most young adults given lots of money, will take terrible risks and/or¬†leave home before they have¬†enough life¬†skills.¬† If¬†a prodigal parent gets to see that¬†their actions¬†didn’t¬†go tits up, the¬†relief of such must be¬†overwhelming!

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Oh and siblings feeling left out,¬†please chill and¬†take a deep breath or three.¬† Try to¬†be compassionate towards your parents, because being human they really might not have had a flying fig of a clue.¬† Remember,¬†we all get it oh so very wrong at times!¬† Most of all, if you’re lucky and the¬†dirty dog¬†makes it back, please go and have fun at the [Welcome Home] party. ūüéą

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