Need to know

This is a reminder that we all need to know more about loads of kind or funny or useful things to stay the course of life.  We need each other posting insights, life skills, idea and compassion and that is one good reason to blog kind or funny or useful insights, life skills, ideas and compassionate things.  It’s also good to share some memories of failure and times we’ve been unable to cope, especially the coming through it stories.  It builds hope and courage of others.  On how having a bad day or days or weeks or even years, yet still gleaning something from that, helps.   For we all might not see it at times, but this is generally a good life and it is equally as important to share survival stories, as it is of happy go lucky, sailing through life without a care in the world.  So please beloved ones, bare this in mind when some of my posts are quite OMG!  For these OMG posts might help take the blinkers off someone to be able to view the whole picture.  Empathy for and from others might be kindled (this world needs more of that).  For surely we all have bad days, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad life!

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