Norma L V Egan

photo of fox sitting on ground
Photo by Alex Andrews on

Oh how I wish┬ákindness and compassion and being┬ávegan was totally┬ánormal now, but it is getting there, more and more people are waking up to the truth!┬á I may be a fool and a dreamer, but I┬áhope it’ll all happens in time, before those poor suffering domesticated animals drain the life out of the planet.┬á I like to think how humanity might surprise us all.┬á Thing is,┬áare we┬ástill talking about what is and is not “Normal” for no one wants to be that now surely?┬á Unusual, different, not so run of the mill is much better.┬á Humans are have started in earnest to consider the┬áclimate┬áand worry about the future of┬áhumans upon the┬áEarth and “Normal” people are going totally abnormal, to get the [WE NEED TO CHANGE] message across.┬á I saw that sweet XR girl in the paper the other day.┬á I’m┬ásurprising myself that I’m able to carry on considering my┬ásemi panic state and having just posted all that stuff that’s been bothering me (password protected posts).┬á Anyways, here’s hope personified, that even if life is too short to stuff a mushroom and┬ámaybe too short to pip cherries, it’s never too short to calm down, stay kind┬áand occasionally just to eat some (for want of a much┬ámore┬áunrefined word)┬áruddy pie!

baked pie
Photo by Oleg Magni on

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