Edge of a field

One of the most beautiful places to be in the UK, along the edge of a field looking at wild flowers and insects.  Unless you have disturbed a swarm of hornets and they’re after you or just as horrendous, some red coat idiot having the advantage of being on horseback, thinking they’ve some sort of aristocratic master or ladyship, lording it over an interloper, that somehow this is the Edwardian era where thuggery was acceptable.  Well it isn’t, this is now and in this day and age, thuggery or any other ‘uggery of the disadvantage is very much unacceptable!  The law keepers best catch up to the idea, that they have a duty of care to all citizens, not just those that say they’re paying for them, for we all do!  We all need to use our right of way and enjoy our beautiful home, this wonderful planet Earth and the nature that lays within it.  Peace in our lifetime.

edge of a field

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