Mind full ness

Sometimes it’s best to show the door to so many thoughts, shut the world out and stay for a while under the warm of a duvet.  What happened yesterday, can stay in yesterday.  What might or might not happen tomorrow can stay in tomorrow.  For in truth and in fact, “this moment” is all there ever is and let there always be a little bit of peace within it.  My mind doesn’t have to be full of peace, just a little space kept safe and maybe somewhere to climb into with a few happy thoughts.  I’m not so sure it’s true, that thing about mindfulness that it’s being aware of ourselves and the world around us, and in doing so it can improve our mental wellbeing.  As sometimes I am totally being aware of this world’s full ness of cruelty and destruction and I’m seeing it as is.  That this if I am not careful is a “mind full” and could in fact undo my mental wellbeing!  So if I’m being mindful of having a mind full, if I go into a “gone out” blank stare and gormless mode, you just best let me be, stand by, so that normal service can resume shortly.

mindfulness is an art

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