Patience waiting

Waiting and knowing well I can do that much more easily than waiting and not knowing.

back view hair observing ocean
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Not knowing can make the imagination run wild with distressful thoughts.  Many can relate to the waiting and being stressed scenario.  Oh those blessed with the gift of being able to be not knowing, waiting and still being okay or even happy to wait.  What a real gift that I would love to master.  I’m working on it, give it time, but not promising anything as yet.

2 thoughts on “Patience waiting

  1. Knowing you’re a mum, I thought I would share the poem from my comment I made this morning, for I was reading a blog and it inspired me to add to their image of a clock tick tocking away our mortal time. I added the other image of what a clock can do, for you see there’s also the waiting clock that seems to bring life as it makes time stretch into forever as we wait and I FELT THE NEED TO and this poem arrived:

    Birthing Clock Haiku by Over Soil
    Not ready yet dear,
    Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick
    Crowning arrives new


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