Introspective gambler

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I can almost count on my fingers how many times I’ve bought a lotto ticket in my lifetime.  I’m not a gambler.  I have no desire to even enter a betting shop (unless I see some adult drag a child in and then I enter to remind the owners that no child is allowed).  For I see no point or pleasure in it, in any of it.  Oh and the idea of gambling online also dismays me too.  Even a slot machine (my brother wasted his money on them), a one arm bandit has no appeal (my grandmother loved them), as I’ve seen people who have lost loads playing on them.  Their pleasure starts off slow, but then it looks like someone pulling off protective bandages and them bleeding!  I was partnered to a gambler once, it was a horrible time.  Thankfully it ended and I’m told they’ve since died.  So maybe it’s personal, but I hate the thought of anyone putting the power of money into such a scheme.  One that gives a relatively small amount back, to a few random others in a lump to entice others and takes such profits from the misery of it all.  I find and judge it to be immoral.  That’s not even mentioning the most innocent of all the victims: The racing animals.

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However, we all take chances and make decisions using our judgement and that is a bit like gamblers.  We weigh things up crossing the street.  Sometimes our judgement includes people.  I say it isn’t nasty to do so, for it is taking into account what they are presenting themselves as and working out if that’s something we wish to be a part of.  Thing to remember, that weigh up keeping a friend or working for someone or buying things in a shop, it’s all a bet we might win or might lose (still saying that I think actually betting isn’t a good idea).  Conclusion and the most important thing to remember: No smart gambler puts a bet on a horse that always comes in last.  So if someone fails us (and it doesn’t have to be that many times), we are best to remember that and act accordingly.

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If judged correctly, some friendships are best at arms length, sometimes it’s best not to take the job (unless you have to) and to buy your necessaries from another shop…  Make judgements wisely.  People are all doing us a favour, by showing us who they really are and we need to remember that, to respond with kindness to ourselves in equal measure, to live according to our priorities and be truly thankful for discernment.

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