From A to B

I’m being quite busy, so sorry if there’s not so much shared or scheduled for the next little while.  However, the other day I did this trivial thing to take my mind off of somethings I was working on (some pleasant, some not so much) and have placed it ready for you today.  It was a good way for me to get out of concentrating in one way and thus coming back to the problem with a different way of thinking.  This silly little maze I created distracted myself from going a bit bonkers (I know, I know that ship has sailed, yeah I’m giggling too).  Anyways, at the time I was also attempting to learn something I was finding difficult, another language and sort out printing out some of my poems and this and that and the other bloody things…  Anyways, I hope you enjoy my creation and give it a go from A to B and without touching the green linesI think you can only go one way? but maybe there’s more ways?  For it was made in a hurry and it isn’t perfect, as I suppose is many an amazeing yet puzzling thing in life!From A to B.jpg

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