Daily bread

A couple of days back I went to the local Community Fridge and  every so often I’ll pop in for a loaf.  Ethical, right?  However, I prefer and love to eat hot fresh homemade bread and to do that I bake.  This means I also get to play like a kid with dough too.  It’s creative, but I mean you don’t have to play with the dough if you don’t want, for there’s recipes online where you just turn the dough with a spoon (I use that one a lot).  Thing I love most is that I can save money and put healthy things in our daily bread, like a spoonful of milled linseed or pumpkin seeds or wheat bran…  I love the saying “use your loaf” it’s from the London Cockney rhyming slang “loaf of bread” 🍞 = head and it makes sense, unlike “brown bread”, as I not so keen on what that means =dead!  Anyways, talking of Daily Bread I’ve really loved going in that place when passing Northampton, and I’ve just found it does a blog, yay, gonna read me somma that!

bread food healthy breakfast
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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