Washing walking boots

person looking searching clean
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

Right, well I found a huge 75 washes pack of Easy washing powder in Home Bargains, in Carmarthen UK, for less than £5.  It smells lovely, works on my disgusting outdoor worn in the garden muddy clothes and isn’t tested on animals, so there’s the win/win.

So I’ve been up very early this morning to wash a pairs of my walking boots, some walking shoes and garden clogs.  I put just enough warm water in the bath and some of this cheap washing powder in there with them and started to wash the mud and other unmentionables off using an old nail brush.  Only, some of it splashed into my left eye and you will be pleased to know that it is now tested on a human and didn’t sting or blind me, in fact I forgot all about it and carried on.  About half an hour later and I only remembered to wash it out as I was washing my hands, but just rinsed my face really.  Of course I don’t recommend testing it on yourself or anyone else for that matter, just giving you info that it seems safe enough.  Anyways, talking of info, the walking shoes are KEEN which although they have no leather or wool, they cannot guarantee the glue (something about ‘…glue source is usually in flux and we cannot always guarantee the glue is not free of animal products.’) and so I feel they need to work on this to keep our custom and feet happy.  I for one don’t want to have naked feet all the time or have to be always singing the Welly Song!

person wearing blue denim jeans standing on green grass
Photo by Anna Guerrero on Pexels.com

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