Lead or bedraggled

art blurred background button car
Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Pexels.com

Most times I find it amusing when I’m seen as being very trying.  For I like the idea that I am trying and haven’t given up just yet.  Thing is, even in a quiet voice, I can be very outspoken.  I think that’s why I’m still not willing to be on social media, for I will say something and upset people.  It’s also why I find it hard to join in things.  It all seems to be a lot of “Look at me”, “Look at me”, “Look at me”!  I can’t be looking at what others are getting up to, I find a lot of it very upsetting and I have to work on what I’m doing in any case.

gray scale photo of mannequin torsos
Photo by Alexander Zvir on Pexels.com

Sadly young people are being told to look like a doll in their day to day life from all sorts of sources.  All that looking and comparing themselves to others.  I see that the choice is simple enough though, to either try to be compassionate and lead with a kind example or be dragged by what the crowd says is okay.  Perhaps we actually do need to look at each other, not at the outside though, but really look inside at each other.  Only then it’s like the saying “but who’s minding the shop?” and we’re in the business of another.  Thing is, the outside is leading in the attention, the clothes, the hair, the skin… and that’s not good.  For all of our beautiful surfaces will fade away and then what?  Has humanity devolved into base visual comparisons?  I’ve seen cruel yet seriously handsome knuckle dragging individuals.  They seem willing to do all sorts of things and end up totally tripping over their own two feet to please.  That’s seriously not a pretty sight.  On reflection, I’ve had my ugly moments when I was younger and thankfully turned from them.  For take note though: for now I couldn’t care less anyone’s height, weight, leg missing, eye gone, skin complaint… whatever, as that’s not the point, that’s nothing to do with what is or is not truly beautiful!  I think there’s a self~violence in taking too long at a mirror (unless you’re playing a part in a public performance).  Oh an as for ignorant selfish words and actions, however pretty we might think we are, when taking part in anything that has cruelty attached, that’s when we leave beauty behind and reflect the most stinking shit ugly there ever is!

orange and white shoes
Photo by Aidan Roof on Pexels.com

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