Baggage to go

people wearing backpacks
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There’s a kind soul¬†just down the road from me, who collects backpack / rucksacks (whatever you call them)¬†for a charity.¬† The charity send them off with things in them, pencils, bowls…¬† Even now I’m still not sure what it’s all about, but it’s for kids, somewhere…¬† Anyways, I collect the bags up for her¬†from charity shops¬†and she knows what she’s doing, for she’s being¬†kindness personified.¬† We¬†could all aim to being like that, sharing¬†and resourceful with the things around us.

boy in brown hoodie carrying red backpack while walking on dirt road near tall trees
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So I’m loving what she’s doing, but also I’m a lover of rucksacks, for they’re better for your back and spine¬†than other bags that limp off of one shoulder.¬† A rucksack¬†is a comfortable bag, it’s not a statement (I may be wrong, it’s happened before) and they can be plan,¬†pretty, handsome and some are fun¬†to look at too.¬†¬†I especially love the silly ones myself and prefer to buy ones that¬†others have thrown away to the charity shops.¬† I have some I’ve bought from the place¬†I volunteer, they’re¬†in all sorts of daft shapes, animals, unfashionable…¬† Of course wearing them as an adult makes people think all sorts of preconceived ideas about me and especially childlike.¬† I like if people are kind, but oh how¬†I love to squish patronising¬†viewpoints¬†and usually do it with a lot of inner non-verbalised “Mwahahahaha, got yer!”¬† If some perceive me as dull because of me wearing my cheerful rucksacks, I can see the potential for¬†hilarity with that and lessons in manners to be taught!

This hasn’t always been the case though, for once someone caught me off guard in a shop as I was squatted down looking at things in a box.¬† They were just so very rude and patronising, mainly¬†because of their perception of my mental status they had perceived and assumed¬†from¬†the childish bag I wore.¬† Seriously, they¬†started to belittle me and ordered me around.¬† I could tell in their tone that they (keeping to ‘they’ because I don’t want gender to come into it) thought I was¬†an unattended person with limited abilities.¬† They portrayed an intention to lord it over someone vulnerable, be¬†secretly¬†rude and get away with it!¬† I got upset with those¬†terrible¬†thoughts.¬† It actually made me start to sob!¬† Seriously it wasn’t as a result of the rudeness to me¬†(for I could have fought back so very¬†easily with avengement of a bloody Viking and might well have been within my rights as a customer too), but because if¬†they were like that to me, how are they to others who really do hae limited abilities?¬†¬†I let¬†them at it¬†(again ‘them’ for gender doesn’t come into it) and me crying made them¬†carry on even¬†more!¬† FFS! and Geez!, I had to stay just to¬†give them¬†enough¬†leeway to let them make as much mistakes as possible to me, not to be ever be repeated to another.¬† Once they’d done and gone, I stopped sobbing and walked out of the shop.¬† I gave myself enough time¬†out, to¬†not only totally calm down and¬†be¬†as cool as a cucumber, but to formulate and collect my bestest¬†responses.¬† Then “Mwahahahaaa!” I went back fully armed with the¬†correct words and¬†had a wonderful time on my articulate return.¬† I imagine I taught one huge¬†eloquent lesson, that they and the other staff I called over to hear me, might never ever¬†forget!

I stopped wearing the cheerful backpacks for a while and started acting “Normal” with “Normal”¬†bags to be taken seriously, but no, I have returned to occasionally wearing childish rucksacks.¬† It’s¬†not just for the craic, but for the¬†potential hilarious lessons I can teach others about not being¬†rude and condescending cowards!

standing person carrying gray moose plush toy
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