Climate Regain

save our future signboard close up photography
Photo by Markus Spiske on

Call is what it is at the moment:Ā  Climate Loss!Ā  For I don’t mind the word change, things change, I change and give it my best shot to embrace it,Ā but that saying the climate is and will change isn’t the biggest way of putting theĀ issue, asĀ seriously it is Climate Loss!Ā  For the climate we can live in as a speciesĀ is being destroyed by our actions and inactions, and this has to stop!Ā  Me, you, us, them and their Aunty’s rescued parrot “Jack”Ā all need a stable climate and to do that we need to DO EVERTHING FOR THE EARTH.Ā  Go vegan, plant native trees and buy local, use renewables, limiting your use of fossil fuels to as near zero as you can as you get fitĀ walking and use theĀ train not the plane, recycle, create…Ā  Check out what is going on in your neighbourhood and if it isn’t enough, be the one to startĀ something up and plant, plant, plantĀ for ourĀ Climate Regain.Ā  Bury the green waste and recarbonise the soilĀ to help the balance andĀ decarbonise the air!Ā  Let’s greenĀ our built environment!Ā  Let’s have something positive to do and create someĀ Climate Regain!

white building exterior surrounded trees and gardens
Photo by Polina Chistyakova on


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