Use your swede

brown potato
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As mentioned, I’ve previously lived on Orkney mainland where “neeps” (swedes) are one of the main vegetable crops.  They’re added to the pan to be boiled with potatoes and mashed to make “Clapshot“.  I did a recipe even though I don’t think you need one, for it’s easy just to add marg. and season to taste.  It’s a good dish of carbs.  Anyways, during “Halloween” swedes (being so plentiful and some pretty large) were carved instead of pumpkins.  Maybe because they were not quite so big and fleshy as pumpkins, they were not always so easy to make into neepy lanterns.  The kids at the school displayed and compared each others, showing them to visitors and having a little bit of a competition.  FYI if you didn’t already know “Use your swede” just happens to mean use your head, for is it because large carved swedes or mangelwurzels (Beta vulgaris crassa) were made into head shapes and put on the top of small scarecrows.

photo of pumpkins
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