Nonsensical sensical tInternet

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So wow, it’s true isn’t it, that you start off looking for something you think is important online and end up in Google maps and somehow t’Internet has you virtually walking around a museum in Jerusalem, right? and you have little idea of how it happened and what time it is!  For it’s interesting, looking at this virtual world/real stuff.

Oh wait I think I remember now, that I was last looking at Eddie Izzard on YouTube and laughing as he said something about all those religions in one place “… Jerusalem… ” however what was I looking at before?  Nope, it’s gone!  Can’t remember what I was looking for… and the time rushed past me, when I think I could have looked whatever it was up in a book at a later day (which is often more accurate and subject specific, even if it is total snail-research).

row of books in shelf
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Talking of libraries, I popped into the big university library I used to use the other day and it looked all modern at first, open, bright and then I went down into the bowels, to where I used to look for the books on my subject to study.  Man alive it was a strange feeling being back there and nothing had changed, in fact a lot of the books are the same ones!  How, very, very strange… a place where ceilings a lower in the old part, moods linger and where the lights are not so bright, the air slightly depleted, where only the brave and determined to know dare to venture to find the book with all the specific and details and complicated answers that lay still and sad, waiting to be picked again in all their claustrophobic bindings!  Not only that, but “mwahahahaaa!” lurks in the very back of your mind that you’re not quite sure who might be loitering, hiding between the floor to ceiling shelves…  Geez! no wonder people prefer t’Internet! LOL

blur book stack books bookshelves
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