Something off

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Wonderfully busy, busy, busy bright colourful day, full of all sorts of things including a few surprises.¬† For so far it¬†has included a cat jumping on a tin of paint, so the lid flipped and the cat’s back leg¬†went in and¬†said cat running all over the place, paint everywhere!!!¬† Oh what fun to¬†clean paint off¬†of the cat that does NOT like that idea one little bit!!!¬† So once done and towel dried,¬†I get to shut the cat into a cat carrier to warm up and dry off nicely¬†in a warm room.¬† Clothes wet and manky, I decide to then go out to clean the floor of a filthy shed (for I might as well, seen as my clothes are already in a state).¬† I come back in to have a nice relaxing bath, but that after only a few minutes someone knocks on the front¬†door (such a quick delivery of a box of goodies I ordered)‚Ķ

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Oh I don’t mind any of this cat thing, filthy shed thing or delivery whilst in the bath, for it’s¬†nothing compared to a¬†stupid text accusing me of sending an email I didn’t send, from someone who seems to live under a¬†horrid big ugly¬†cloud¬†of weird angry¬†paranoia (poor woman).

So anyways, I’m here, had my bath, drying off for a few minutes, sharing some of my day with you and my conclusion to it all is that I cannot change how the day started or indeed how it will turn out or¬†how people will¬†treat me or what they might like to falsely say about me.¬†¬†However, I can change how I react.¬† It’s such a¬†lovely feeling to reiterate to myself that “Peace is mine” (non verbally, just in my minds eye of course).¬† For¬†peace is there¬†for the taking in whatever is thrown at us.¬† Also¬†I like to¬†realise in my mind that I simply do NOT have to tell others suffering from paranoia and anger issues¬†to “#### off!” and just to get back to dealing with life’s strange mystery tour¬†in each moment, in as peaceful a manner as possible.¬† I’m going to relax now for a¬†few more minutes, I’m going to be¬†thinking about wild flowers and peaceful thoughts, then drink some coffee and enjoy opening that box of goodies with a thankful heart, that¬†I ordered from Approved Food.

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