The object of a lie

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Hay, you might love this little chestnut about lies.  If you become the object of a lie, then you feel you can do nothing about it (not strictly true).  Neigh you might just wish you could laugh it off!  It can be a night-mare The teller knows deep down it’s not true and yet they might have kept on telling the tail to themselves so many times, that they started to partially believe it!  They might believe their thoughts, even though they couldn’t be farrier from the truth!  You’re saddled with conflicting emotions all round, especially if it just keeps going.  Unless we learn to question and rein-in our own thoughts (especially the ones that nag) and then the upset won’t stay furlong.  Write the tackless lie down and run it pasture eyes to see it truthfully for what it is: [FALSE].

If you’re the horses mouth, intending to stirrup trouble, Whoa! don’t be a numnahts, ass!

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Saddest lies of all is from the mouths of those in power, be they political or medical or legal… for the lie will travel, be burroed by others who don’t realise it is a lie.  It may travel some more to go on and on and on and if not stopped it can kill more as surely as any full blown plague!  Miscarriages of justice!  So keep your head, don’t get hack-ed off, override temptation, don’t let any stressful thought gallop away with you and finally leave all the make believe tails for comics to develop jokes with!

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    1. Thanks dustbunnies, talking of dust bunnies I’ve just scooped some up and will be rehoming them away from under the bed in the spare room. Now to tackle the bigger ones under the settee!!!

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