Lifely kind dawdles

I hope that in spite of continually being bombarded with negativity about the future, that Death dawdles from us and keeps procrastinating each of our demise.  So we can get on with doing lots of kind lifely, happy and silly, nonsensical things that don’t actually harm anyone else.  Happy Hall~o~ween, rolling right on past Hogswatch and beyond, beyond!

close up photo of halloween decors
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4 thoughts on “Lifely kind dawdles

    1. A few wonderful visitors to the door and I was pleasantly surprised how many of the children took fruit instead of sweets. Great costumes, very polite and one cute as a button little girl with her older sisters who I gave a Halloween colouring in and activity set for their efforts.

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      1. “Hello” SaaniaSparkle from Wales, UK on this rainy ol’ day full of wonderful Saturday things to do e.g. go to an indoor car boot sale with some spare plants. Sending a warm greeting from here to wherever you are on this beautiful planet.


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