Short n curly hair

snail on white square knot rope
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It’s a personal thing, but I’m a bit afraid of some old lady types with their short permed grey hair.  Especially scared of those who drive along the road slowly like snails and then without warning ~ >>> ~ <<< ~ suddenly change direction.  Short n curly grey haired drivers make me extra vigilant driving near them, but that’s beside the point, as my intention is to blog about the situation with my hair.  Oh vanity, vanity, all is ruddy vanity!

selective focus portrait photo of woman posing with her eyes closed
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Anyways, I’ve always admired long beautiful hair and I thought it might be nice to grow mine again.  To have it all natural and flowy.  However is mine long?  Nope, it’s short again, as I recently chopped the lot off after an attempt at growing it and putting up with it getting up my nose in the middle of the night, tangled in the wind…  Oh and I made a fringe of the front that was getting on my nerves too.  For it also just doesn’t suit gardening either.  To have it long enough to catch in branches of trees or flop forward and cover my face, let alone when I need to use power tools!  I’m probably just too pragmatic, and well I just took the scissors to it like I do with the shears to overgrown hedges.  Yet part of me again wishes it could be long hair.  I keep thinking how it could be an excellent prop to belly dancing with.  Oh man alive I just oscillate between long and short like a ruddy yoyo!  Oh well, it’s obviously not going to be really long anytime soon.  Patience, perseverance or whatever I would need, well it just doesn’t seem to be forthcoming at the moment, so that’s that!  I think I must live in my real world and hats off to all those who can keep their hair on!

woman wearing white long sleeved shirt
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