Elude can be good

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I’ve been pondering of late.  How people in general might again be needing a fresh set of moral examples to live by.  A new set without tags and labels!  Kindness at the forefront, ethical, life fulfilling precedents.  I’d love to see it become the Age of Compassion!  Only attempts at helping stuff like this get up and running by “prophets” and champions and the lovely guru types of this world alike, well it just does NOT usually end well for them does it!?  I feel it needs to come from the ground up a bit like humanity waking up and growing like a plant.  So it has to be naturally born so to speak from all peoples and of all nations…  and ahem, NO body then need have egocentric and dangerous intentions to lead the way!

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Oh and also for the record: I personally do NOT believe in any one person (dead or alive) being my prophet or guru or personal saviour.  Still though, I am really thankful to ALL the helping hands over the years that have saved my “sorry, but” from the fire!  So to all those beloved save~I~ours I truly Thank you“. 

However, that said, I won’t give anyone (including heroes) carte blanche to override and ignore my boundaries or take me for granted!  You heard it here first: I found a little while ago my kindest and most sincere “no” and took it on board to better my relationship skills.  I’ve learnt how not to feel under any obligation to revere others or do other people’s bidding without question and these days I am getting more inner “Woohoo!” at my ability to cope.

My advice to anyone though, is when alarm bells are so loud you can no longer ignore some people, then see those people that are making the alarms go off as NPC (Non Playing Characters in the gaming term).  That is to say, let them become background noise and just allow them a wide berth.  Let them go mate, allow them to fade into memory and carry on with your own perfectly, peaceful much quieter life as far away as is necessary.

stack of love wooden blocks
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It is also good for them too you know.  For those people of the past can get on with their lives too.  Sure, cherish the memory of those better times and still feel love towards them, but no longer interact.  Literally “Live and let live in the periphery”.  Doing this regardless of what others (who need to mind their own f’ing business) tell you to be doing or saying…  and play it safe!  Elude that missing hug or kiss!  Seriously on a personal level, I do not unlove anyone and even though it would be grand to see them how it used to be, self-preservation musn’t allow it!  Honestly, avoidance eliminates an opportunity for others to play the victim and make a fool of themselves.  So please just DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM.  No longer going where they go, for there is the serious ambush territory.  Yes you might miss out on some things, but still, it’s a price worth paying.  Don’t go to where anything you say could be misinterpreted and anything you do misconstrued!  Plus, there may be onlookers watching, those who see things as they are not (due to being told one side of a story) and might react with blame towards you.  Anyways, yes I am missing out on some things (today even) and yet I do not intend to be a victim or allow others to play the victim.  Seriously, love also does NOT bring others into the equation, making ourselves the centre of attention and gathering an audience.  Love let’s each beloved on their merry way and gets on with life on an equal peaceful setting, with no one person lording it over the life of another!  Totally, 100% Live and let live!

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