Heads up and a “Thank you” to YouTuber Fairyland Cottage for the introduction to Dr Gemma Newman’s 6 Tips for Health and Wellbeing called GLOVES <- (that’s another link BTW)

  • Gratitude
  • Love
  • Organic
  • Vegetables
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
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14 thoughts on “GLOVES Dr

      1. True..Being an insomniac and constantly struggling between deciding to exercise or gorging on a pizza I know about these struggles.striking a healthy balance between the two is the key I guess

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      2. Oh u must be getting so many opportunities to eat chocolates as well😄…I’ll be 46 on 19th of this month.
        And u sound like an amazing granny just like pottymouthgranny😘

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      3. To limit oneself to just a few (speak in a posh voice saying this) words is to limit ones ability to converse in the English language don’t you know, what, what?


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