Knowing my place

I don’t live on the moon, I’m not a martian or come from venus, I’m from Earth and its¬†sky¬†and it’s waters and the miracle that is soil. ¬†I really¬†love this place (not so much some of the people upon Earth at times).¬†¬†It’s important to me to feel at home here, so there’s an effort to be made by me to make “Home” responsibly.¬† It’s also important to know my place in the big scheme of things and not project a larger than life ego or become a shrinking violet whilst¬†looking after the soil, the air, the water…¬† All I can say it that this is me doing my bit in the interconnectedness of all life upon¬†planet Earth.¬† From¬†washing up the dishes with care¬†~¬†to planting acorns in pots¬†(there’s just so many here at this time of the year), from being quiet and listening and¬†talking kindly to others ~ to occasionally having to¬†shout out the odds and perhaps “NO! I wouldn’t do that shit if I were you!” and all the rest of it in between.¬† We all have a place, we can all do something and get on with things.¬† We can all speak for the trees like the Lorax.¬† In my immediate vicinity, I know the people I live near have good and bad days, times¬†we’re probably annoying each other.¬† Even if there’s no love, as yet we’re all human¬†and for each other in an emergency and if push comes to the shove I’d hope we’d act with responsibility.¬†¬†Yep, we are¬†all¬†interconnect in good ways (or bad)¬†and make life on the only habitable¬†planet that we know of carry on being sustainable (or not).¬† So¬†let’s get offline a lot more¬†and get on with it!¬† Reminder of what it is: Washing up/Acorns/Listening/‚Ķ being interconnected and responsible.

shallow focus photo of world globe
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

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