Money and earning it

I’m pretty frugal, but the moths that fly out of my purse and pockets these days seem to be taking the ruddy piss!  Anyways, as the saying goes something like:  ‘The world doesn’t owe me a living. Although for the amount I’m able to make currently, an apology would be nice!’  For currently there’s a lull in work available to me, and yet I’m finding lots of things to occupy my self with and making do.  Money isn’t everything!  Money is just money.  It is true that mostly money buys the pen and paper, but life is the story written upon a leaf in a present forest of time and falls to the ground to become soil.  Money doesn’t weep, it does laugh or sing or dance or love, it just goes where it goes, it is what it is, nothing much but bits of projected worth.  It really just doesn’t add up to much in the big scheme of things.

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