One friendly gesture

close up of hand feeding on tree trunk
Photo by Leah Kelley on

A truck stops at a service station and a little pink piggy nose pokes out of the side.  It is an appeal to be friendly and to return a kind gesture.  Stay calm, I won’t be showing you really horrific images and therefore you can carry on reading.  Thing is, will you return the friendly gesture?  To take a look in and speak kindly to the animal?  Compassion my friend and a little empathy doesn’t go a miss.

Thing is, without taking into account the amount of pigs that die at the hands of those that “care” for them or the disease of being so cramped, injured with intent; one of the most shocking figure is that one billion pigs are slaughtered each year.  That little pink piggy nose will probably be one of them.  Off to the end of a very short life.  Frightened, thirsty, one beloved child of the universe.  However, I will still spare you the grotty horrific slaughter details (they’re easily found online).  For all those that are taken from the farm (field, farrow, factory farm, intensive, gestation, commercial etc. found online) to the slaughter house, this may be the only time they will feel sun through the sides of the truck or be able to say hello to a friendly human.  So here’s your chance to show compassion and I passionately wish you get the opportunity and have the balls to be that friendly human.  To be able to tell them how sorry we are and of course, then to please NOT go home and eat “pork”.  For that is buying into that hell for those other truly beautiful, sentient beings and without the demand for meat, the industry of Hell on Earth would end.  It’s not to late to change into a more compassionate person, but please don’t let your time for that run out!

group of pink pigs on cage
Photo by John Lambeth on

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