Knitting a scarf

close up of gray cable knit cloth
Photo by Isabelle Taylor on

I’ve got a pretty basic scarf on the go, it’s not great and not natural.  Wool?  No, just a simple scarf made out of old odd balls of unnatural fibres that were about to be chucked away.  I don’t use “real” wool even though there’s a lovely kind woman down the road who sells it, and don’t get me wrong, I like her for her deep love of her rescue animals.  Thing is I know how awful it is for sheep and if you knew what I knew about the “care” of lambs!!!  Best not go there.  I recall a local UK farmer who whilst sorting out the feet of his “stock” said that sheep are annoyingly in only one of three conditions: 1) Lame 2) Sick and pregnant or 3) Dead!  It doesn’t bode well for the sheep in his care does it?   Let’s be truthful, sheep need a lot of looking after and sheep aren’t natural now, for yes they might have been a long time ago, but not any more.

adorable animal animal photography animal portrait
Photo by Kat Jayne on

Bred and bred and bred and bred… to be more woolly, more muscular and short lived as lambs to the slaughter!  Right, let’s get off that subject for a moment and see the natural alternatives without involving an animal for knitting supplies, there’s: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Ingeo (from corn) and Soy silk.  Unnatural fibres already in existence that can be recycled include acrylic, nylon…  To knit a scarf there’s loads of free patterns out there or if you can just make one up.  You know if you want to upcycle some sheep’s wool from say an abandoned old jumper I find that’s ethically fine and I might just do that.  Only isn’t it about time sheep are devolved from what man has created?  Poor buggers.  The animals need to be better suited to nature.  They sure need to be better at living a longer life and not an animal that pants like it’s about to expire just standing there!  Something steady in a long life, that helps habitats instead of destroying them?  Something Someone instead of something and drats, I got back onto the subject of sheep and anyway, get what I mean?

photo of herd of sheep
Photo by Süleyman Şahan on

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