Hoarding thoughts

Accumulation of thoughts doesn’t have to end up like the house of a hoarder.  If only we expand our minds to house more beautiful thoughts and useful thoughts, and to get in to the habit of decluttering out the nasty crap!  We live in a universe within our mind.  It’s not just some tiny place to be cluttered with negative thoughts, but a place we can store anything we can put our beautiful mind to.  I especially do not wish to keep those thoughts I don’t ever want to use again or ones that hurt me!  I want to enjoy new thoughts, today type thoughts, joyful thoughts, and to not dwell on what has passed badly.  No one surely wishes to trip up thinking on negativity and so those nasty thoughts have to go!

As for stuff, well we don’t really own it, it’s a shared world and we are just responsible for what we have in our possession.  Therefore, I need to sell, give, get rid of those that shackle my mind to them things in a negative way.  Thinking a bit of what Marie Kondo has to say, to only keep things that spark joy or are absolutely necessary.  I know of some that keep all sorts of stuff that they maybe are not totally aware of what negativity they might spark.  I’m thinking, why the hell would I or anyone want to keep pretty things that only spark negative memories?  There’s got to be a time of “Be gone!” aimed at that negative stuff.  Someone else can perhaps enjoy them without any preconceived negative connotations.  If you need to think about old things for a reason, sure, but beloved please be very careful of what!  Again “Expand your mind!” to take in new, joyful thoughts and yes maybe someone else’s useful and/or beautiful things that they no longer need or want.  Only FFS, especially throw out YOUR unwanted stuff that’s not welcome anymore!

One method: Arrange several different coloured bin bags and boxes, open and ready.  Each colour bag is for a different purpose, be it keep, sell, recycle, charity (still useful objects) or another bag for rags for charity.  See how you are sharing the Earth’s blessed abundance as you tie the bags carefully (so you can put more in) and pop the latter two types of unwanted bags of things off to your local ethical charity shop (A.S.A.P. so you don’t bring them back into play).  Send recyclable items to the local amenity centre (also A.S.A.P.).  Then you can free your mind and have a more joy~ful home, just as soon as the gates and doors of those places are open!

backlit clouds dawn dusk
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Hoarding thoughts

  1. Love this. I have a note to myself on the wardrobe – “does it spark joy?” and I apply it to thoughts and things and activities. When I weed the yard I often feel as though I am weeding my mind. I eat a lot of nutritious weeds, so weeding often is just pulling annual grass from garden beds and nibbling on whatever’s juicy. Dandelion, and puha today. And any persistent pesky thoughts get placed on an imaginary leaf, to travel down an imaginary stream… goodbye, good luck… 🙂

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