On my bike pal

woman riding bicycle near concrete stairs
Photo by Immortal shots on Pexels.com

I have to be all sorts of places today and lots to do, so it’s an early start, but you know what, life can be so full of joyous momentum it’s worth it.  A bit like riding a bike and how lovely at times when there’s a gentle warm breeze in our hair, with not one bad thought crossing our mind.  Thing is though right, we still have to play it safe and if I knew this cyclist in the shared wordpress image, I’d be all like: “Wear a helmet please my lovely, pretty please.”  Experience you see, falling off, getting hurt and all that picking myself back up and brushing myself down, but sadly not everyone get the chance to get back up…

Anyways, moving on.  What some find funny, I’m more likely to be like Alice Tinker.  I for one am one of those that just don’t like to see others get hurt and do NOT find that sort of thing very funny (more often than not, not even a little bit).  To me it’s totally not funny to see adrenaline junkies doing their stunts and especially when things going horribly wrong, yet to others it’s bloody hilarious.  Oh and the worse it seems, the better!  Oh well, we’re all different I suppose.  Perhaps the funny side is that people see the near miss as funny, not so much the ouch!

woman waving hair
Photo by Juliana Stein on Pexels.com

Well anyways, here’s the thing, something that happened when I was younger, that could have ended up not so bloody funny!  You see, I liked to shake my longish hair to dry it naturally.  It always took an age to dry and it was often still damp when I had to leave the house and go.  There was this one day I went on my way to work, on a push bike.  I was in a hurry to get there on time, so I took the direct route next to a canal and yes as I shook my hair, I nearly fell in!  I suddenly realised the closeness as I opened my eyes and saw in front of me, the water and the very edge!!  Hells bells and little fishes!!!  I leaned away just in time and pulled up to some railing to take my breath.

That is all, for thankfully I can see the slightly funny side of it now, as one of those near miss’ what might have been me a gonna, but thankfully wasn’t!  Just another story I’ve lived through, have you had anything similar?

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