Do not buy into it

Seriously, you buy on tick and you will pay for that item, that pretty thing, that tempting stuff, many, many, many times over!  If you can, please go without the “wants” or perhaps borrow and give it back.  Come on, you have to be totally aware of the difference of what you want and what you need.  There is a vast difference!

person holding banknote
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Well also, be careful about borrowing too and borrow for free, not credit card borrowing (as that is crap) or loan shark (there’s laws about that).  I mean however, everyone knows about borrowing a book from a library and how that’s lovely and free, right?  Just keep in mind that even with that, that you have to take the book back on time or at least renew it over the phone.  I know to my cost that library fines (even in uni where your mind is captured on learning) can end up being very expensive!  As for the interest on credit cards, my word that’s the real pits to avoid!  Oh and please don’t borrow on someone else’s behalf, unless you can pay the worst case scenario price of doing that.  Think though and take my free, yet experienced advice that:  If you cannot afford to buy it, don’t! seriously, DON’T “buy” into debt!!  If you are already there my lovely, debt is not the end of the world and “This too shall pass”, but you will need to get professional debt counselling and sound advice A.S.A.P.  For you need to be able to get past it safely, without it biting you on the arse big time.  It is possible, stop polluting the waters and trees that shed their leaves in autumn, can then bounce back to life in the spring.

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4 thoughts on “Do not buy into it

  1. I think taking a loan with easy instalments can be helpful for the youth who has a fixed salary and an pay back every month to enjoy some amenities and improving their standard of life.Though it can become like quicksand sinking u in it completely..the key is to stay wise and make the right decision…


    1. Even if it is insured against illness and is small, it is still using someone else’s money. It’s not teaching patience. It’s getting everything you want “Now!” like a small spoilt child. So for that reason, I disagree.

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      1. It came via some painful experiences, but that it also came from being taught as a child the respect for money’s worth, from my father (once a chief petty officer in the navy).

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