Do well or NOT say

Who knows anything about another human bean really?

person holding a sticky note
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Who says who is a doing well and for that matter who’s a “Ne’er do well”?  What a judgemental attitude to have of someone to call them a NEVER do well.  For what is well or not? and NEVER is a long time passed!

Call people kind things or shut your face keep your peace!

For you are beautiful and others are too.  The ability or lack of it in others is just nunya business!  Plus, saying ugly things of others or of ourselves is ugly personified!  So don’t!  Seriously, don’t say, write or text nasty stuff, you can think it all you bloody well like, but that’s as far as it goes.

black and white black and white depressed depression
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So Beloveds keep your peace, keep your beauty, don’t tittle-tattle and just seriously if you’ve got nothing nice to say, just keep ruddy schtum!  In fact if you see someone you feel compelled to say something ugly to, don’t get tide down or harbour, but be as the ocean to the shore and just wave as you turn to go!

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