A bit too tense

The past, president & future walked into a bar, it is tense!

Anyways, moving swiftly on…ย  and that is what I’ve done a few times, moved swiftly on.ย  Self preservation demands it!ย  Yes others are equal to me, not above or below and I function best on such an equal footing.ย  It’s not always easy with some folk who demand attention or don’t listen or feel they know it all…ย  So therefore, I’ve no intention of being a martyr or master, as I’m just another bean in a saucy soup full of beans, attempting to stay afloat.ย  Those who have a presence that brings out the melancholy or agro stress in me, I avoided at all costs.ย  So I currently dodge encounters with those beans, big deal.ย  I’m simply keeping my shed load of ye ol’ self preservation, “What, what, what” intact as a winner.ย  Yes, I might be a bit of a joker, but I for one won’t gamble on it all going well, when the cards are stacked against it.ย  So be careful where you go, keep your peacefulness and integrity intact. for just remember the Gambling fact: The house always wins!ย 

playing cards
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com


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