Green or Red or Yellow not Blue

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I’m so sick of tomatoes and strawberries in the shops this time of year (winter UK), for they’re so hard and without flavour.  FFS even some expensive little diddy ones, in pretty multi coloured plum shape, even they tasted bland!  I long for summer and my own homegrown yummy tomatoes.  Having just read the book [Grow for flavour] by James Wong, I’m all up for choosing with more taste as the biggest priority for my next year’s plants.  Worth reading that book pal, as it’s not fiction and myth like some gardening books are.

Talking of multi coloured tomatoes, I’m just wondering who owns the first photoshopped image of a blue one or the rainbow bunch?  Only, what if they are actually blue etc…?  What if everyone else actually sees blue when we see red and red when we see blue?  It’s the age old thing about conditioning and naming what we see, as we are told to see it as.  Get me?  It’s a bit like politics at the moment all over Britain and having to vote again next week.  Red or Green, but please NOT Blue!  Anyways, if we are conditioned we will see what we’re told to see.  A blue tomato will always be called a red tomato, if every time you pointed at one as a child and asked “What’s that?” and the reply was “a red tomato dear, now eat up”…  Actually I don’t mind cooking with the green ones or voting for them for that matter.

close up photo of goats near person s hands
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Okay, let’s take this a bloody step further, putting Shep and Rover and Misty and Bella and Max and Buddy and all the Fluffy pets… into the picture.  Just for the sake of clarity, what if you as a child had looked down at your plate and saw a corpse of an animal you thought of as a pet?  Bare with me.  What if all your life it has been vilified into being totally acceptable as food?  What of the ones you once mollycoddled, fed grass in handfuls through the fence, stroked, nuzzled even and thought of as a “pet”, not nice right?  But many precious sentient beings want to be happy as a loving companion forever or at the very least free to live out their lifespan, yet end up on a plate!  Thing is that we don’t need to eat them or vilify them and make them our scapegoats.  Their life is important to them and it is not for us to take that away.  For all the roles we have ever played in visual deception, misdirection and bloody trickery, dear animals, human beans and blessed children, we need to be truly, truly sorry and completely change our ways!!!  Rant over for today, as I need to get back to reading (looking at the pictures) these library books, before I need to take them back.

woman reading book to toddler
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