Stumbling block negatives

A few puns make me numb, but maths puns make me number!

7Tiz no joke though, maths is not my strong point.  In fact I would go as far as to say “I hate maths!” and seem to always have hated it.  Each to their own though, for some folks love it and want to learn more about algebra (isn’t an algae bra something a mermaid wears).

square rootsRight, well, enough o’ that going off in a tangent first thing in the morning aye?  Okay, so maths is one of my stumbling blocks, but that I usually pick myself up, brush myself down, leave the summing up to others and go on my merry way.  I cannot see the point in staring at what isn’t brilliant about me, anymore than looking for what you stumble over.

Negatives never add up to much!  So if you really want to be kind and successful, please start with the positives + and being kinder to yourself first.  Come on pal, give yourself a break over those things you aren’t so brilliant with.  No one can have all the building blocks, didn’t the adults in your childhood teach you to share?  So, you have some good points, I have some good points, we can all have a few each and that adds up to great and positive interconnectedness success.  So come on, stop staring at the negatives!  Start looking into what works for the positive and on your way pal!

accurate boy build building
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