Perhaps a garbage comment

Not sure if it’s because there’s something right with me or something wrong, but I don’t seem to rant (although it has been known).ย  I see it, I see all the horrible things you see.ย  FYI I’m not on happy pills or in pain.ย  FYI again I’m not rich or totally skint.ย  FYI however I do plant things and love trees (with the hope of the future), but I don’t find myself standing in front of chainsaws.ย  Again FYI that I’m not religious, but see and accept that it helps some who has a mind in need of it and also those who wish to abuse that fact.ย  If I put this in a blog post it might never be seen as I throw it out into cyberspace or it might be seen by too many (big brothers watching us all mwahahaa or bollocks).ย  Thing is I just don’t hold onto the questions for long and all the answers are not all mine to know or tell of.ย  Problems get sorted or they don’t.ย  I see it all like an imperfect/perfect “as is”.ย  Like I said, there maybe something right with me or something wrong, either way my mind says “More tea vicar?” in some mad hatter’s tea party and therefore notsheepminded watch and maybe one day (or not) enjoy to see how I post this as a blog with a borrowed image at the bottom that someone else made, right before pressing your [POST COMMENT] on your blog comment section of the post you’ve made all about ranting called: Garbage In, Garbage Out.ย  Then on to my own [To Do] list for this blessing of the day I’ve been given.

assorted color plastic trash bins
Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov on

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