Calmness and Valerian

tilt shift lens photography of brown stand twigs
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You might like to keep in mind the calming wordsIt is what it is” especially when things don’t go the way you would have liked them to go.  Stay calm, don’t allow the many outside of yourself to come into your inner space.  The temptation to give up voting and be sceptical as to the validity of the UK election results is way high in my mind this morning, but It is what it is” and for me these words seem to be a bit of a mantra.  Not sure where I saw the cartoon image, but that there’s a scene where Dorothy, The Tin Man and Lion all sit around a bonfire warming themselves, with the Scarecrow on it and it reads something like “The majority rules in favour” or something like that.

I will have calm damn it!  You know what, I’m thinking of plants (true to my nature).  There’s the valerian plant Valeriana officinalis with its lovely tall stems and pretty scented flower heads, is a great thing to grow in well drained soil.  I love the way it all disappears in the cold of the winter and springs back the next year.  The seeds can go a bit bonkers though and populate profusely, so please just be aware of that!

selective focus of black cat photo
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Anyways, a little bit of the root can be dried outside (for when they’re drying they stink) and the dry lumps placed inside a little cat pillow for inquisitive kitties to play with and now isn’t that a nicer thought than political mahem?  I mean you can buy the root extract for humans to help an insomniac go sleepy bye byes and I wonder if the local chemist sells it?  Easier as the stuff will be all processed and ready to take.  Always check properly to see if you’re okay to take it, as we’re all different and some people have reasons NOT to try stuff, so seriously please check.  Another way to go sleepy bye byes is to read seed catalogues, trust me as this works for me, but again each to their own.  Drats, still having to keep in mind It is what it is, but I’m still who I am“.

silver tabby cat
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About the cat thing, the dried root of valerian for kitties to sniff makes cats sooooo very happy and content.  This is similar to cat nip, but perhaps with a bit more calm in there, just a tad.  To see happy kitties makes us happy too, and that has to be a good thing, right?  FYI, it’s good to stoke a cat if you suffer from high blood pressure (in stressful times like these) as it makes that lower (unless the bloody thing gets its claws out and likes to scram you with them).  Thankfully our lovely kitties are happy most of the time without catnip and I think it’s mostly because they feel safe, we don’t annoy or hurt them, they have food and water, and a place to “go”…  and of course us “Staff” to amuse themselves with.  Bless ’em they have us waiting on them alright and that’s grand in the kindness and happy scheme of things to counteract stressful thoughts.

mid coated brown cat
Photo by Alena Koval on

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