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You cannot be everything to everyone!  Yet surely (I know don’t call you “Shirley”) it’s a good idea to attempt to do the best of a job that you’ve taken on and are being paid for.  I feel it is true, that it doesn’t matter what the chore is, only that there it is work waiting in all its yuck and glory, totally in need of being done, where you’re being paid to do it and so it’s best done well!  The bestest option all round, right?  We get to keep our position, it’s good for our cash flow, the customers and clients are happy, other colleagues think kindly of us and the boss isn’t giving us an ear full of grumpy twaddle.  Therefore, surely (I know… ) that is good for us to do our best job, for us, the workplace and our shared environment.

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Thing is though, don’t we as humans with our mega huge egos, well perhaps most of us at some point in our short little lives, take on all sorts of unsuitable, crazy, overambitious and unrealistic roles?  Jobs that really aren’t right for us, but long to hear “That’s a job well done!”  Sometimes we will do our best and it just isn’t good enough.  Most sad to see a job taken that is opposite to a personality.  Not just sad, but sometimes hilarious in the fail and other times might prompt anger!  We all have bad days, but how distressing it is to see an impatient, resentful and vindictive person (who we all clearly see does NOT like kids) taking on the role of a teacher!  Don’t we love it when they get told how crap they are?  Yet how we’d totally hate to be a receiver of such criticism.

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My personal hate and horror, is when those who aren’t properly trained in the most basic food hygiene, the knowledge of allergies or don’t even know what the word “vegan” means, are being paid to chef, cook or serve the food in a hotel, café, restaurant or worst case scenario a hospital!  That is 100% bad news and totally bonkers and not only bonkers too, but very bloody dangerous!!!

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A few years ago, my mother’s allergy to meat, cheese and chocolate, made it that during her stay in hospital, she did NOT get enough to eat to keep her weight on (Shit that’s upsetting for me to reread)!  I myself as a little kid learnt the hard way that I couldn’t take even a little egg in cakes.  It would send me on a wild allergic journey you wouldn’t wish on a child!  Therefore of course I feel that serving the right food to someone, is just as important as getting medication right, don’t you agree?  It might be you next time, so don’t you agree?

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So, unless we live in a place where unsuitable, untrained for jobs are forced upon us (even due to needing money), what jobs we find and take are pretty much out of choice.  I myself with needs and ego, have in the past tried to fulfil job roles I’m just not suitable for and had my share of failing to fulfil the expectations set before me.  Lazy training and criticism has in the past been hard to take.  Being let go from gainful employment hardest in all the senses including the need of the money!  Only the truth be told, that if we’re not the right person for the job or don’t have the right skills (we’re not born multi talented you know) then letting go or being retrained to get better is the right thing to do.  No one wants to be the one to let others down or worse make them ill and perhaps putting lives at risk!

Good news is, that we are all experts at playing the part of being ourselves, to train ourselves into being good at what we choose to do.  You need to be you and to do a grand job of that.  Thankfully I’ve not been in a position of putting other people’s lives at risk with my hilarious failings (my own yes at times, but not others).  So again with the first part of the post and something I want you to really take to heart: You cannot be everything to everyone, so be the bestest, safest and kindest you!

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