Happy Beans on Toast Day

plate of sliced breads
Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns on Pexels.com

Today we have a family tradition to uphold: Beans on Toast Day and I have some violife cheese to grate onto the top, with some onions to fry and caramelise for the plate too.  It sounds like a statement Beans on Toast Day, a demonstration perhaps against the masses of other people’s stress filled Christmas dinner, but that deep down, we’re actually just minding our own business and having things our way.  We’re happy not to have to panic buy or run around like crazy to prepare for this one~day~a~year thing.  It really is quite peaceful, honestly it is.  Anyways, we’re a few years into deliberately eating this simple meal of beans on toast on 25th December and it hasn’t done us any harm.

animal avian beak bird
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So, in this part of the UK at least, the weather looks just fine for a little bit of time in the garden.  Without being stuffed to the gunnels, I’ll be able to get out there and sort the path ready for wintery blasts (maybe even snow).  I received another lovely seed catalogue in the post yesterday.  So after a spot out there in the cold and the real stuff, followed about by one sweet looking robin, I can come in and start dreaming up things for the new year in my imagination of what the garden can be like.  I will need to move some plants around to make things thrive better, as trees I planted many moons ago have sprang up into the sky and shadows now fall where once it would illuminate in summer with full sun.  Bulbs are starting to show willing a lot early, with little shoots of green coming through the fallen oak leaves.  I might need plenty of coffee and chocolates to help dream something creative and beautiful, anything to counteract what is said to be going on in the wider world, all of which I have no control over.  I best just mind my own business, and that is to think peacefully, plan creatively, enjoy naturally, plant, grow and thrive!  What do you say to doing the same or similar?

background black coffee bouquet chocolate
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Pexels.com


4 thoughts on “Happy Beans on Toast Day

      1. It will have to be on ye ol’ YouTube of course and none of that editing it to pieces malarkey, but we will see. Lots of stuff to do, people to annoy, garden to sort…

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