Annoying faulty metal puzzle

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This is what happens when someone in a metal puzzle factory, has a cunning plan and decides to have a laugh like some naughty pixie.  So they put the ring into the horseshoes and not onto them.  The ring O dangles from the pair of C shapes that are linked together as an infinity shape and off they go.

  1. Someone buys the faulty horseshoe puzzle and might even given it as a present.
  2. The person opens the bag and cannot work out how to disconnect the ring O out of the puzzle.
  3. They might then ask others “Can you solve this brain teaser?” and say “This metal puzzle is doing my head in!”
  4. They cannot do it either and everyone gives up.
  5. They get on with life, putting it away and sending the bag of puzzles to the charity shop where I volunteer.
  6. I cannot do it in the shop, so I take it home to work it out.
  7. I leave it in the bathroom on the shelf next to the loo (for those times we all might need distraction) and let others have a try too.
  8. No one can work it out, none of us!  Thing is, some things (and people like some current leaders for that matter) are beyond belief or working out.
  9. I get a bit annoyed at the puzzle, but decide to come to the peaceful conclusion that maybe it (and some people) cannot be worked out and it (and some people) must be faulty (as in reality with the puzzle, how can you get metal to go through metal?)  I come to the conclusion, that in this instance you just cannot do it (unless you know different).
  10. I decide to go onto YouTube and sure enough the puzzle has been set up differently to how it normally is. and there is no way you can work it out see:

Puzzle that is NOT one.

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