We all have bad days

blue lake nature water
Photo by Deepu B Iyer on Pexels.com

Said to be the saddest day of the year!  It’s actually even called Blue Monday, well reposting words from last year and putting this as a scheduled post:  For just take heart dear one and know that there’s 364 other days (and that’s how many we got through stuff and shite since the last official sad day) and let’s just let it pass shall we.  As truth be told we all have “bad” days and “good”.  The saddest ones don’t necessarily drop on the official day radar either.  Take it from me, I’ve lived through a few shit days and sadness and even some horrors, but looking back sometimes I get a little {{{giggle}}} out at what I like to view with this in mind:  ‘Sad days hide like the contents of a crusty cow pat, just waiting for a flipflop!’  Well sod that, flipflops are washable, and even if they might need a little bit of a soak in some bubble bath and then it’s all fine.  As with all things, time and patience does help, with each other sometimes and at our upset self sometimes too.  Chin up chicky. 

assorted flip flops on sand
Photo by Tamba Budiarsana on Pexels.com


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