Measuring up feet away

β€œHappy Measure Your Feet Day” which sounds a load of cobblers*, but apparently this is an annual event each 23rd January and that’s now, today, all day, ends when you throw your shoes over your shoulder in a nonchalant manner and start saying something like “Bloody Hell my dogs are barking!” (<- originally from the London *Cockney rhyming slang for feet “Dog meat”).Β Β  Talking of feet and boobs, you never know unless you check them regularly (boobs that is), but one might actually have one bigger or smaller than the other one.Β  With boobs in fact, it is more often than not that one of them is a different size from t’other.Β  Odd things are good, like wearing odd socks for instance is much more fun and attempting to do things that are fun is a regular for me.Β  For as long as the socks are similar in length or fluffiness, that does lovely and grand, as I’m not so keen on differing lengths.Β  Oh and talking of odd socks, I wonder what Oddsocksmcweirdoeltutttifruitifartohellohippotamusbum is up to these days, bless ‘im I do love his long name and you know you have to click on the underlined in blue bit to see the YouTube for the full story.

man person legs grass
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