Data Privacy FB Diet

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I started a fast from lunchtime yesterday, to last until tomorrow morning.  Why? because I’d had a horribly disturbing and yet mild form of hyperinsulinemia of falling asleep on the settee (again) after slightly over eating and topping it off with chocolate “Mmmmm choc’late”.  Plus of course to take into account that during the weekend my food intake involved chips, vegan cheese and lots of bread!  What the hell was I thinking?

So by making me fall asleep, my pancreas and liver were actually telling me in no uncertain terms, that they needed a break!  So, having seen how Colette O’Neill of Bealtaine Cottage improvement her health doing a juice fast, of how Donald B. Wilson of Rain Coast Review is also gaining back some health with his intermittent fasting, I did a bit of research into what they’re taking about and I too decided to take control with a fast.  How personal is that to share on t’Internet with you, and to think it’s all not actually traceable back to me would be ludicrous.  For t’Internet is practically the latest town crier and anything we share is of course traceable for those who have nothing better to do.

Oh and take this, that yesterday I actually for few seconds pondered FB “Farce~block” again (seconds, seriously for only a few seconds).  For the ponder wasn’t if I wanted to be on any social media, to be fed up on a diet of fantasy, FOMO, private stuff, adverts and shite, but on how it costs to sell things on ebay and not on FB.  I wondered over that, but the overriding thought was still that I do NOT want to be on “Face~slap”!  Nooooo F‘ing Bar~steward way!  Oh, wait, I have to share this quote as it’s so how I feel about it: ‘Being popular on FB is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital.’ – Author unknown.  It’s brilliantly accurate and hence so bloody hilarious, don’t you think?  I’ve known for all my life that I’m not one of the popular people and you know what, I don’t give a flying f***.  I’m really happy not to have to go out of my way to be noticed, [Like]d, thumbed up (sounds dodgy) and love to fly peacefully under the radar doing my own thing.  So anyways, Happy Data Privacy Day, apparently it’s today and apparently people still believe privacy exists, bless ’em.  It don’t and it’s best to bare in mind, just to share online what you don’t mind telling the world, their neighbour and his dog’s fleas to too twit twoooo!

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