Metaphorically Speaking poem

saying fully booked

Let’s not think too much about the reasons why those who seem jealous, those who actually say such horrid things to bring us down.ย  It’s their problem.ย  Nothing to do with us their hostility, their stupid snide remarks, their unkind suggestions, their belittlement and general rudeness.ย  NO!ย  Let’s talk about Joie De Vivre (the joy of life), happy bravado in the face of disrespectful.ย  To just totally cram in as much resilience as possible using bubbliness (inside if not allowed out), quirky confidence, kind peppiness and infectious gratitude.ย ย If someone is determined to try to hurt us, hold tight to the preserver, buoy up the struggling and be determined not to go down with the ruddy ship!

p.s. The rest of the poem will be in my poetry book eventually.

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