Sat 15th Feb

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Today is unique, you are unique, each evolved blade of grass, fern, flower and tree full of bugs is unique and each place (unless you go into one of those chain supermarket stores, that does the same o’ same o’ shit, with the dreadful lighting and the moronic droning of piped music).  So I wonder what the 15th February 2020 has in store via each of our slices of life, in each wonderful, brilliantly unique part of this universe?  Will there be a snowflake or a butterfly?

So when you turn off t’Internet you’ll perhaps be fortunate to be able to go outside?  Maybe you’ll be able to share with others or only you will experience what unique wonderful things happen and magically appear just for you.  If going outside is off the cards, maybe you’re going to be crafty?  Indoor sporty?  Meditative?…  Is there a special meaning to today?  You’ll know as the day progresses.  Well so far here, for my part I’ve woke to a mug of coffee, checked my diary and pulled out one of my homemade [Give MESOME credit] cards out of the pack.  I’ve not showed these to many, only some of my family and friends have seen them.  They’re just for me, some bits of old birthday card’s I’ve cut into credit card size, with sayings on them, quotes, single positive words, practice French, Latin and simple doodles…  These are all held together with a couple of hair bands.  Some have bits of paper images sellotaped on.  They started out in life as only a few, but I’ve just counted them out, and there’s now 73.  You know what though, just for today I’ll share today’s as it says on one side: Some games are won only by quitting. (an expression that personally speaks a lot to me today) and on the other side has written: Happy is the key to life Fun At peace.  Anyways, I wonder what’s on the cards for you today?  What’s happening with you?  Maybe you’ll start your own unique pack of cards?   

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3 thoughts on “Sat 15th Feb

  1. Yesterday was rainy…ALL DAY! Didn’t get dressed and went back to bed to catch up on lots of missed sleep. It was so nice to listen to the rain on the roof while I worked on a quilt for a while. Today I took my walk with the fog burning off slowly and now sit writing while watching steam come off roofs all over the neighborhood. More work on the quilt after I finish the lovely breakfast my daughter made for us. I like your cards and how you made them. I put post-it’s on the refrigerator to say kind things to myself. They don’t get missed there. 😉 Have a lovely Sunday.

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      1. It’s almost garden time, maybe tomorrow the ground won’t be so squishy and I can pull grass and weeds. Thanks. I like to learn something new every single day. 😉 Have a wonderfilled week.

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