Rapunzel barriers

close up of wooden plank
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Take a fence that’s sometimes erected slap dash in a hurry and those other times boundaries grow like thick hedges steadily taller over time, filling up beautifully with nesting birds or invading other people’s gardens…  Well, I know of plenty of physical barriers to always try to keep to, they’re there for safety and true of many other mental boundaries out of respect.  Knowing when to adhere and when NOT to conform to either or cut back to let in some light, well it can all seem very tricky!

a flowering tree beside a wooden fence
Photo by Connor Danylenko on Pexels.com

Some physical barriers protect the lookers.  Some in the countryside, are put up because people think they own the rights to everything.  Just like in the 1960s in UK that created our “Right to Roam“, I feel it is important to work out the reasons and make good sound judgements as to the reasons there’s a [PRIVATE] sign and whether to ignore it.  Warning signs, well they really can be purposely very tricky!  And yes, I know how natural it is like any animal, to think of property as habitat and territory to protect.  So the as and when you actually need a barrier for safety, well that’s for you to decide on and take heed or responsibility for.  Inevitably you’ll know when it’s right for you to put one big arse barrier up!  Just saying though, I might ignore it.  Barriers and boundaries are worth the cost or they are not.  That’s the great as and when thing of life.

Know this though, there can be a lot of loss that goes with creating a boundary, a border line, a line in the sand, as we cannot then crave what is on the other side.  There’s no pick or peck on that other side for us, not one little bit or blade of grass, and yes you know I’m not just talking about physical boundaries, right?  The story of how Rapunzel got to be taken and brought up by the witch as a baby, gives fair warning!

Anyways, you guessed it, sometimes you might need to cut out someone else’s light, build up the thickness of a beautiful hedge and get to rely on what’s in your own space.  To work on that.  Seriously, my advice is to work on that space of yourn!  For yes the cost of putting a safe boundary for yourself, is that you might need to make sure it’s staying put!  Once one is in place, my advice is to learn to value and look after it.  Pay the price to uphold it!  Maintain your boundaries well my friend.  Thing is, even if you have to repaint over the cracks that appear from time to time, well know this, that on your side of that “F… off”~fence, you can paint it any darn colour you damn well want.  So get creative and go for it!  Thoroughly enjoying your space and working on that and blossom where you’re planted.

apply blue brush carpentry
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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