Priority oops

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All I’m saying is, that although I have an aim or two (simple goals of an environmentalist and compassionate person), life still puts forward priorities and responsibilities.

Some days the priorities of life stop me from achieving anything much to do with my aims.  It doesn’t mean I’ve given up on them.  It just becomes a bit of a struggle to keep the aims and priorities on the same track, but still when we hiccup, that’s being human.  This is just the way things are and I’m mostly fine with that.  My usual way of keeping body and soul together is to buy supplies that have less negative environmental impact and as much compassion as possible built in.  To keep a diary so I know what’s the plan for the day…

Can I always achieve this?  LOL!  No, for this is real life and we all have to accept that.  For although I’ve these personal priorities to which I pretty much try to succeed in maintaining, the one nearest the bottom doesn’t always come to fruition and that gets one of my biggest “meh!”

  • Keeping the animals in my care looked after well
  • Not killing or maiming those people that annoy me LOL
  • Washing, bathing, brushing my hair and stuff like that
  • Providing and eating healthy vegan food
  • Wearing clean and comfortable clothes
  • Gardening and growing things
  • Housekeeping, sinks, bedding…
  • Maintaining the car, legal stuff, oil and water topped up
  • Remembering commitments, appointments, library books
  • Last, but not least, NEVER running out of bog roll “oops!”
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