Who I follow

mountains nature arrow guide
Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com

p.s. I’m not a ruddy stalker!

I just don’t follow everyone that comes along, like some poorly, lost sheeple.  When I do “Follow” it’s more like walking beside, for even then following isn’t following, do you follow?  {{{giggles}}}  Maybe in real life I might walk with for just a while chatting or the like.  Sharing one little bit of a path, maybe to help or be helped, then on my own way again.

As for not following many bloggers on wordpress and having an eclectic mix of who I do, well a rainbow isn’t magnolia is it!  For each time I see light shining through so >bright< and colourfully uplifting against the view of the drab and drizzle, I sure want to gaze and wonder at the beauty.  Therefore, yes I am a bit picky and I do prefer blogs full of doing stuff with hope for the future.  Thing is, we all need to hope and to help practically, to recall the beauty and virtuousness of historical kindness (if only to prove we can as we’ve done it before).  As all loving sentient beings, we can all sail together on this most beautiful planet Earth and are made of star dust, from within a compassionate universe.  The potential is there.

Let’s pause to see what blogs I prefer.  Well, blogs that promote living in peace regardless of the hurdles, being kind to ourselves and others, about planting for the future, recovery from hurts, making, upcycling and repurposing… oh and a few hilarious ones too.  I would like to think of these bloggers, as being from my tribe, but that all people are innately so, under it all we’re kind and creative and interconnected, but that the world of humans is being pumped full of horrors and hurt that disconnect and make it hard to relate.  Anyhoo, nature lovers with a creative sense of humour that blog, I prefer you and you’re more my cuppa loveliness, soothe us with your bloggings.

white ceramic cup
Photo by Saif Selim on Pexels.com

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