Plan that drive

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Many times, when I’m behind the wheel, “Minimise your driving” is what I hear nagging me from my eco minds~ear.  Just how can I do it All minimalistically?  As often it’s an almost impossible challenge to achieve All of it.  Appointments, differing opening times, list of errands to incorporate and other people’s needs.  Then there’s the unexpected diversions and the potential of going out of the way!  Thereupon comes the need to get home quicker and not to dilly and dally, because of those last minute bargains might just starting to defrost!

Only, if only, to be able to really plan the journey.  To include all the potential in as short a distance as possible.  That would really be brill, and efficiency personified.  Saving money, saving the environment and saving your valuable time.  In other words a lots of F words: “Fuel frugal facilitates feeling thrifty fabulous!” <~ say it don’t spray it at least three times and fast! {{{giggles}}}

Thing is, if we really can plan the route prior to starting out, checking out the time of the library being open, the shops we need to visit, the time that artist is showing their stuff… and then we deserve a [Like] or [Thumbs up] or [Gold star sticker] or whatever floats our boat.  As for me this lesser mortal, I don’t plan as often as I could and usually end up muddling along like many do, trying to do my best and hope for not too many digressions.

green leafed trees
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